CDOSS Certificate

Managing Big Data in Hadoop Cluster

Profiles that can prepare this certification contents: Marketing Consultant, Manager, Data engineer, Full stack developer, Web developer, Business Intelligence Consultant, Big Data Consultant and more.

Global knowledge to be acquired to pass this certification: 

+ Understand Apache Hadoop architecture and data management

+ Dominate managing data in clusters

+ Ability to use Sqoop

Detailed plan of preparation:

Understand Hadoop Architecture and MapReduce

Browsing Tables in the Metastore

Browsing Files in HDFS

Creating Databases and Tables

Managing Existing Tables

Understand Data and File Types

Loading Files into HDFS

Using Sqoop to Load Data from Relational Databases

Using Hive to Load Data into Tables

Simplifying Queries with Views

Table Partitioning

Complex Data and Denormalization