CDOSS Examination Chart

  • Duration: 60 to 90 minutes depending on the module
  • Passing score: 70%.
  • Location of the exam: at home.
  • Language: English
  • Type of exam: This is a Multiple Choice Question and question-answer exam, during which, the candidate will select the correct answers or give the answer through the execution of treatments on his/her own machine.

Organization of the monitoring:

  • Access the meeting via your computer, activate your webcam, activate your microphone, turn off your speakers,
  • Also, access the meeting via your smartphone (tablet), activate the camera, deactivate the microphone, deactivate the speakers and place the smartphone next to it as shown in figure 1 below in order to film you and your screen during the test.

Figure 1 : Different positions for the smartphone during the examination

More information about taking the exam

What are the rules for taking the exam?

You must be alone.

No talking during the exam.

Any screen printing detected will result in immediate disqualification.

Any use of instant messaging software will result in immediate disqualification.

Any correspondence by email (except to will result in immediate disqualification.

You may not wear headphones or earphones and the use of telephones is prohibited.

Your face must be clearly visible to the supervisor at all times. You may not sit in front of a bright light, i.e., you must not be backlit.

You may not pause or leave the webcam field for any reason during the exam.

Any violation of these rules may be considered fraud and may result in immediate termination of your exam.

What is the role of the proctor during the exam?

The proctor attends your webcam session only to enforce the rules and protect the integrity of the exam. The proctor verifies that you are the right person, that you have the correct identification documents, that there are no other people in the room, etc. The proctor knows nothing about the subject matter of the exam and has never seen it. The proctor is not there to help you with any technical problems. You must follow all instructions given by the proctor. You must treat the proctor and all employees with respect.

What am I responsible for during the exam?

These are practical exams. During the exam, you will be asked to evaluate scenarios and implement solutions. You are responsible for everything that is required to generate that solution, such as writing the code, configuring the tools, and debugging any problems. You can use any approach or tool on the virtual machine that will produce your solution. Only the results will be evaluated.

Can I use wifi to take the exam?

Yes, but CDOSS recommends a stable wired connection to the Internet instead of using wifi.

What external websites will I have access to during the exam?

This is free.

What recourse do I have if technical problems prevent my environment from being ready at exam time?

CDOSS monitors the status of the exams and in the unfortunate event that a technical problem prevents you from taking the exam at the scheduled time, we will reset your eligibility and notify you as soon as possible. At that time, you will be able to reschedule your exam.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection during the exam?

It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to maintain connectivity throughout the exam. If connectivity is lost for any reason, it is the candidate’s responsibility to reconnect and complete the exam within the scheduled time slot. Unfinished or abandoned exam sessions will be scored as a failure. If you are logged out, log back in and follow the proctor’s instructions.

What happens if I don’t show up for my exam?

You are considered a no-show and forfeit any fees you paid for the exam.

Does the exam proctor have access to my computer or its contents?

No, the proctor does not install any software on your computer. The only access the proctor has to your computer is through the webcam and desktop sharing facilitated by your smartphone.

Question after the exam

When will I receive my results?

A result report will be emailed to you within three business days of the scheduled exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive your digital certificate and license number within 5 business days of the exam.

How do I calculate my score?

CDOSS reports passes and failures for the exam. A numerical score is provided.

Can I review my test or specific questions and answers?

CDOSS certification tests adhere to industry standards for high-stakes certification testing, which includes protecting all test content. As a certification body, we make every effort to protect the integrity of the items in our item pool. CDOSS does not provide test items in any format other than a proctored environment.

Why did I fail this problem?

CDOSS must protect the integrity of exams and does not discuss solutions to scenarios. Your score report will give you a general reason for all failures.

What is the policy on retaking the exam?

You may retake the exam as many times as you wish until you pass, but you must pay for each attempt; CDOSS does not offer any discounts for retakes.

Does my certification expire?

CDOSS certifications are valid for two years.

The certificate expires after two years, if the candidate wants to extend the duration of their certificate, they must retake the exam, with the re-certification, the certificate already obtained will be valid for 2 more years.

I passed, but I would like to retake the test to improve my score. Can I do this?


I failed, but I can’t take the test again. What should I do?

Please email or your national CDOSS provider.