Jérôme Filippone, President and Co-founder of CDOSS Association.

DATA PROJECT MANAGER, 17 year’s experience in data engineering for Business Intelligence and Big Data, « Our mission is to promote the use of new technologies related to the collection, representation, modeling and analysis of Big Data with open source frameworks by supporting people working with them to upgrade their skills and prove their capabilities to the professional world »

Jean Gabriel Koehren, General Coordinator of CDOSS Association.

Consultant HRIS – Inetum,
Mission EDF
Project; HR Data Lake Implementation with Hadoop, Role : Data Quality Tester

M2 Systemes d’information et Connaissance (SIC) parcours « Big Data » at Panthéon Sorbonne and M2 Gestion et Dynamique des Organisations at Mines ParisTech and ESCP Europe.

CDOSS Association

(Compliance for Data Open Source Software)

📌 Association CDOSS, 78, Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Office 562, 75008, PARIS, France

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