CDOSS Certificate

Big Data Analytics with Hive Query Language and Beeline

Profiles that can prepare this certification contents: Marketing Consultant, Manager, Data engineer, Full stack developer, Web developer, Business Intelligence Consultant, Big Data Consultant and more.

Global knowledge to be acquired to pass this certification: 

+ Understand Apache Hadoop architecture and data management

+ Dominate data analysis with Hive

Detailed plan of preparation:

I/ Introduction to Big Data

Three Vs of big data

Hadoop Architecture and MapReduce

Big Databases, Big Data Stores, and SQL

Features of SQL for Big Data Analysis

II/ Analyzing Big Data with SQL

Running Hive Query Language Statements using Hive Shell and Beeline

The SELECT List and The FROM Clause

Using Beeline in Non-Interactive Mode

Using Hive in Scripts and Applications

The WHERE Clause : Operators and Functions

Working with Missing Values

Aggregate Operations and The GROUP BY Clause

The HAVING Clause

The ORDER BY and The LIMIT Clause


Joins and Advanced Joins

CDOSS Association

(Compliance for Data Open Source Software)

📌 Association CDOSS, ZI de Franchepré, Centre d’activités Econoliques de Franchepré