CDOSS Certificate

Hadoop Cluster Installation and Administration

Profiles that can prepare this certification contents:

Network Engineer, Data engineer, Full stack developer, Big Data Consultant and more.

Global knowledge to be acquired to pass this certification: 

+ Understand Apache Hadoop architecture and data management

+ Dominate Hadoop cluster installation & configuration

+ Ability to install Hive, Impala, Hbase, Sqoop, Spark and Flume

Detailed plan of preparation:

+ Hadoop Architecture

    – Namenode/Datanode

    –  Yarn

    –  JobTracker/TaskTracker

+ MapReduce

    – Paradigm

    – Applications

+ Hadoop cluster installation & administration

    – Hadoop single node installation

    – Hadoop mutli-nodes installation

+ Hive, Impala, Hbase, Sqoop, Spark and Flume Installation & Administration

CDOSS Association

(Compliance for Data Open Source Software)

📌 Association CDOSS, ZI de Franchepré, Centre d’activités Econoliques de Franchepré