CDOSS Certificate

Data Integration and Business Intelligence

To pass this certification you need to know (with Talend) how to :
– Create a project
– Create and run a Job that reads, transforms and writes data
– Merge data from different sources into a job
– Create and use metadata and context variables in jobs
– Connect to a database and then read and write data from a job
– Access a public web service from a job
– Use master jobs and sub-jobs
– Build, export and test jobs outside the Studio
– Implement basic error handling techniques
– Use best practices for naming Jobs and components, and write documentation
– Start and connect the Talend Studio to a remote repository
– Use SVN branches in the Studio
– Create a unit test from a functional Job
– Configure a database to monitor and record changes in a separate change data capture (CDC) database
– Use a CDC database to perform incremental updates between source and target
– Set up a reference project to use items from another project

Software to install: Talend